Wakefield Fire Department - 2004 Statistical Report


Run Totals
Box Alarms 464
Still Alarms2170
Total Runs2634
Alarm types and number
Medical emergency / motor vehicle accident responses1540
Alarm malfunctions / accidental alarm investigations337
Public assistance / public service responses130
Investigations of hazards, gas and smoke odors118
Mutual aid responses to other communities70
Water hazard emergency responses102
Appliance fires / emergencies / food on stove39
Heating system emergency responses57
Electrical fires / emergency responses43
Hazardous materials incident responses44
Carbon Monoxide detector investigations33
Structure / Building fires25
Brush and grass fires32
Motor vehicle fires20
Rubbish and dumpster fires25
Malicious false alarms13
Rescue responses (water rescue, elevator rescue)6
Incidences of mutual aid assistance received28

Equipment Used

1½" Hose3,700 feet
1¾" Hose3,800 feet
2½" Hose750 feet
4" Hose800 feet
Ladders1,260 feet
Air Masks Used38 times
Salvage Covers Used2 times
Smoke Ejectors Used25 times
Fire Extinguishers Used15 times


Engine 1 - 1996 Seagrave Pumper3861,3811,767
Engine 2 - 2000 Seagrave Pumper432440872
Engine 4 - 1986 Mack/Pirsch Pumper (reserve)224
Ladder 1 - 1995 Seagrave 100' Aerial360360720
Car 6 - 1998 Chevrolet Utility Truck27206233

Additional Apparatus

Fire Prevention Report

Permits / Inspections 
Smoke Detector Certificates issued478
Oil Burner Permits issued184
Oil Storage Permitted (gallons)53,225
Propane Gas Storage Permits issued25
Flammable Liquid Storage Permits issued2
Sprinkler System Inspection/Test/Service Permits issued100
Fire Alarm System Inspection/Test/Service Permits issued188
Blasting Permits issued5
Underground Fuel Tank Removal Permits issued50
Cutting / Welding / Torch Permits issued3
New Fire Protection System Installation Permits issued113
Open Air Burning Permits issued (Jan. - May)143
In-service Fire Prevention Inspections conducted535
Quarterly Inspections conducted99
(schools, hotels/lodging houses, nursing homes)
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