Wakefield Fire Department - 2013 Statistical Report


Run Totals
Box Alarms 465
Still Alarms2858
Total Runs3323
Alarm types and number
Medical emergency / motor vehicle accident responses2140
Alarm malfunctions / accidental alarm investigations468
Public assistance / public service responses141
Investigations of hazards, gas and smoke odors112
Mutual aid responses to other communities71
Water hazard emergency responses44
Appliance fires / emergencies / food on stove17
Heating system emergency responses17
Electrical fires / emergency responses55
Hazardous materials incident responses17
Carbon Monoxide detector investigations124
Structure / Building fires17
Brush and grass fires59
Motor vehicle fires12
Rubbish and dumpster fires6
Malicious false alarms5
Rescue responses (water rescue, elevator rescue)18
Mutual aid assistance received54

Multiple Alarm Fires in 2012

Equipment Used

1½" Hose6050 feet
1¾" Hose5150 feet
2½" Hose4250 feet
4" Hose2000 feet
Ladders2544 feet
Air Masks Used114 times
Salvage Covers Used6 times
Smoke Ejectors Used65 times
Fire Extinguishers Used26 times
Thermal Cameras Used36 times
Multi-gas Detectors Used75 times


Engine 1 - 2006 Seagrave Pumper44316492092
Engine 2 - 2000 Seagrave Pumper264372636
Engine 4 - 1996 Seagrave Pumper (reserve)218365583
Ladder 1 - 1995 Seagrave 100' Aerial452526978
Car 6 - 2011 Chevrolet Silverado Utility Truck4357100
Car 2 - 2014 Ford Explorer 4WD Utility Vehicle419265684

Additional Apparatus

Fire Prevention Report

Permits / Inspections 
Smoke Detector Certificates issued389
Oil Burner Permits issued84
Oil Storage Permitted (gallons)23,503
Propane Gas Storage Permits issued16
Flammable Liquid Storage Permits issued11
Sprinkler System Inspection/Test/Service Permits issued108
Fire Alarm System Inspection/Test/Service Permits issued239
Blasting / Fireworks Permits issued4
Underground Fuel Tank Removal Permits issued61
In-service Fire Prevention Inspections conducted573
New Fire Protection System Installation Permits issued122
Open Air Burning Permits issued (Jan. - May)128
Final Fire Alarm Acceptance Tests66
Tank Truck Inspections5
Fire Prevention Inspections Related to State/Local Licensing59
Compliance Inspections conducted by Fire Prevention Officer250
Miscellaneous Permits issued1
Quarterly Inspections conducted83
(schools, hotels/lodging houses, nursing homes)
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