Wakefield Fire Department

Ice Safety Tips

Police Chief Steven A. Skory and Fire Chief Michael Sullivan wish to remind residents to always be aware of the dangers of thin ice and to share tips for remaining safe on the ice.

There's always a risk involved when someone decides to step out on ice, and we are urging residents to please test any ice in several places before putting their weight on it this winter, Fire Chief Sullivan said. Ice doesn't freeze uniformly, so you need to remain vigilant if you decide to step out on any frozen body of water, and any iced over areas of a moving body of water should not be walked on.

We urge residents to review the following ice safety tips, which could save a life and save precious seconds in the event you or someone you are with falls through the ice, Police Chief Skory said.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs recommends measuring ice in multiple places before testing it with your weight. Ice that is two inches thick or less should be avoided completely. Four inches or more is considered safe for ice fishing or any other activity on foot. Five inches of ice is recommended for snowmobiles or ATVs. Eight to 12 inches is needed for a small car, while a foot to 15 inches is recommended for trucks.

General Ice and Cold Water Safety Tips:

What To Do If Someone Falls Through Ice:

If you have any questions, call the Wakefield Fire Department at 781-246-6435.